Our Mission at VFASHIONS Products is to weave lasting pieces by providing the skills needed to create economic opportunities for the men and women of Rwanda India and USA, one person, one family, one village at a time.

VFASHIONS-MODELS was found in 2000 in the fashion capital of world, New York City. Born in Western Uganda, V-Muka the founder of FASHION MODELS is the first African women to own and operate a high-fashion modeling agency in the United States and has become a presence in the world of fashion business. After arriving in the United States, V-Muka, began working as a professional runway model. Her years on the runway taught V-Muka the fundamentals of the fashion industry, & Vfashions models was formed.

VFashions Photography was created in 2011. With more than 15years experience in the world’s fashion capital in NYC, VFashions Photography was specifically created to make ”you” into a Fashion Star, For those of you who are passionate about fashion, your life

will be forever changed at VFashions.